Prepare For Your Holiday Road Trip

With the holidays right around the corner, many families are preparing for the long road trips to visit their loved ones. It’s the perfect time to make some repairs to your cars and ensure they’re safe for those long trips.

Before packing up and hitting the road, take a moment for a quick inspection and check the following: Tire condition. Check the threading on your tires and signs of tear or other damage. You want to make sure to have tires that will withstand any weather conditions you may face on the road. Check your tire pressure. Do not over inflate. You can find the tire’s adequate pressure on the side of the tire.

Check your engine oil. You might need to add more or change it. You can check this by looking for a dipstick in the hood of the car. Oil that is in good condition will appear a yellowish or golden color. Dark, near black oil is too old and needs replacement.

Top off any fluids that your car may need. Your coolant is crucial to the health of your car. Your car’s coolant helps keep your car in the right temperature and prevents overheating. You also want to top off your windshield wiper fluid. This will help with the bugs.

Lastly, check your battery. Make sure your battery is in good health for the trip ahead. Any corrosion around the battery’s terminals and clean it up. This helps maintain a strong connection to the electrical system.

If you have any further questions give us a call and book your inspection today!

Stay safe and happy holidays- from 360 Auto Clinic.