How to Organize Your Car

We all know what it’s like rushing to work in the mornings. Or having to eat in the car because you had no other choice. Right now specially with Covid-19, lots of us have no other option but to get take out and eat in our cars. We might have our workout gear in the trunk rolling around with every turn and brake. In fewer words, a mess! So we’d like to share some tips to help you keep your car organized.
1. A car trunk organizer!

This organizer is one of the many you can find on Amazon for an affordable price. A trunk organizer will create more room in your trunk for grocery bags and other large items you may need to carry. It has multiple mesh and plastic pockets, so you literally have no excuse for leaving things lying around! The bands are able to wrap around the headrest for stability and an easy removal if needed to swap between different cars.

2. A handheld vacuum

This is one of the most convenient tools to have in your car. Spills and messes can happen daily. But having to get your car cleaned or washed may not be an option. Sparing a few minutes of the day to pick up any small messes can help you have a much more organized and clean car. These small vacuums don’t take up too much space and are easy to handle for a stress free cleaning.

3. Headrest hooks

These headrest hooks are very useful for purses and other bags or items you can simply hang. We all have thrown our grocery bags in the car only to get home with an empty bag and groceries lying around the car floors. This will help keep all bags in place.

4. Cleaning Gel

This cleaning gel gets in those hard to reach places that you may struggle with, while cleaning your vehicle. It is a slime-like ball of gel that is easily stretched, rolled, or folded to reach all the areas where dust accumulates that other cleaning towels or tools can’t reach. This makes cleaning air vents and cup holders so much easier!

5. Air Fresheners!
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Now that you have a nicely organized and clean car, only thing missing is for it to smell as good as it looks! Little trees air fresheners have been very popular since 1952 when they were created. A truck driver invented these after a milk spill in his truck caused a smell that wouldn’t go away. His creation was a powerful odor eliminating pine tree with essential oils that we still love till this day. Little Trees are just one of the many brands to choose from for your vehicle. In the end, it is all up to you and your preference.

Now you have a nicely organized and clean car!
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