Driving in the Rain

After not having much rain this winter season so far, it seems that finally some rainy days are approaching. That is why it’s important to prepare our vehicles for the rain and take the right precautions so we can be safe on the road.
Ian Britton

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are over 5 Million accidents per year. About 1 Million of these are caused by bad weather conditions, usually wet pavement. That’s why we recommend that before you get out on the road, it’s a good idea to take your car for an inspection. This will let you know the condition of your tires, brakes, fluids, and overall health of your vehicle.

You want to make sure your tires are not very worn out, torn, or not inflated properly. Having your tires in the right condition will give you better traction on the road. This prevents accidents. Our team at 360 Auto Clinic can let you know the condition of your tires and give the best recommendation possible. You may simply need a rotation, alignment, balance or could need a new set of tires.

In California we don’t get much rain, so when we do our driving is affected. The USDT reports 46% of car accidents due to wet pavement are related to rain. It can slip our mind to brake sooner than usual due to rain because we don’t practice those habits often. We might also be driving on worn out brakes. This could be highly dangerous during rain season.

Other things to look out for are keeping your car’s fluids topped off. This will ensure a smoother drive and allow your vehicle to withstand the low temperatures. Finally your windshield wipers should be in good shape. Driving in the rain can be more difficult even, due to the lack of visibility on the road. Ensuring you have good windshield wipers is key to giving you the best visibility possible.

Remember to reduce your regular driving speed during these coming rainy days. Approximately, you should reduce speed by 1/3 during rain. Make sure you are braking sooner than normal and keep your distance from other vehicles. Stay safe drivers. Wishing you the best!