Causes of Poor Fuel Economy

Image: Shuttterstock/ercan senkaya

Are you noticing that your gas isn’t lasting very long anymore? There’s many factors that affect the way your car uses up gas. Playing factors range from driving habits to mechanical problems. Recognizing these will ensure you maximize your car’s fuel efficiency.

Smooth Driving = Better Fuel Economy

Slow it down. Yes, speeding is one of the major factors in how your car is using up gas. Driving over 80 MPH creates less air resistance, which will cause a decrease in fuel economy.

Quick acceleration and heavy braking also reduce your fuel economy. This is because accelerating forces your vehicle to switch gears rapidly. This force can decrease your fuel efficiency by about 33% according to studies.

Lastly, when driving make sure you don’t overload your car if it isn’t necessary. Take a few minutes to clean out your trunk and get rid of extra weight. This extra weight forces your engine to work harder, decreasing your fuel economy.

Stay on top of Maintenance Checks

Giving your vehicle the proper care maximizes its performance in all areas. If your engine isn’t running smoothly, your car can be wasting more gas than it should. So don’t neglect your car’s needs!

First, make sure your fuel injectors don’t have a leak or other issues. These control how much gas goes into your engine. So keeping them in the proper condition is crucial to a good fuel economy.

Other common problems causing fuel economy decrease can be the oil type used on the vehicle. For best performance, change your oil every 3,000 miles or as recommended for your model.

Lastly, having your tires properly inflated and aligned will reduce unnecessary strain on your vehicle. This will increase fuel economy and performance.

Overall, driving habits and maintenance go a long way to increase fuel economy. To get the best performance stay up to date with your car’s needs. Call 360 Auto Clinic at (818) 369-6650 for an appointment today!